Want to improve your indoor air quality of your Cape Cod home? Get in touch with the experts at Air Rite HVAC. From dehumidifiers to UB disinfectants, we have all kinds of solutions to purify your indoor air. Our air quality services remove the tiniest particles from the air to help you breathe easy and healthy.

UV Lights

Why just get rid of dust when you can actually kill the germs present in the air as well. We offer advanced UV lights for your Cape Cod home that kill all kinds of germs present in the indoor air.

Duct Cleaning

Are you looking for a duct cleaning system for your Cape Cod home? It is important to regularly clean the ducts of your HVAC system to maintain healthy indoor air quality. Choose our duct cleaning services to ensure cleaner air.


Weather can have adverse effect on the moisture levels of the indoor air. We offer branded dehumidifiers which balance the moisture present in the air of your Cape Cod home


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Air Filter

Replace the air filter of your existing HVAC system regularly to ensure particle-free air in your room. Call the experts at Air Rite HVAC for air filter replacement in Cape cod.

Ductwork Services

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